Aventus Token $AVT Officially Listed On Coinbase

Thoughts on Top 5 trends in ticketing in 2019
Thoughts on Top 5 trends in ticketing in 2019

As of February 3rd 2022, the Aventus Token $AVT is available on Coinbase listed in AVT-USD — with AVT-EUR, and AVT-USDT pairs set to follow soon.

This means you can now buy, sell, and trade $AVT on the Coinbase website and app.

Notably, AVT-USD is the first $AVT-FIAT trading pair on any exchange.

What is Aventus (AVT)?

Aventus ($AVT) is a layer-2 Ethereum token that powers Aventus, a scaling solution for Ethereum for faster and cheaper transactions. Transaction processors stake $AVT to secure the network and are rewarded with network fees. Aventus also plans to allow $AVT holders to vote for upgrades through the Governance protocol.

What the Coinbase listing means for Aventus

One of the Aventus team’s major goals for 2022 has been to fulfil the $AVT listing strategy of making it easier for more people to be aware of the token and its role in the Aventus ecosystem for staking and governance.

As perhaps the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchange — and certainly the largest in the USA in terms of trading volume — Coinbase is the perfect exchange to bring more awareness and accessibility to the Aventus Token & wider Aventus ecosystem.

“En-route to processing 1bn layer-2 transactions, it’s important for the Aventus Token to be widely accessible to both the dapps and organisations that need it to process transactions as well as the individual stakers who help secure the network. There is no better place than Coinbase in providing that accessibility to as wide an audience as possible.” — Alan Vey, Aventus CEO.

Stake your $AVT today

The Aventus staking program lets stakers earn their share of more than 58m agreed transaction.

It is now 93% full and will close at 100%.

If it doesn’t reach 100% shortly, the Aventus Protocol Foundation will complete the remaining balance of tokens as the program moves form Ethereum to AvN.

For more information, or to register, click here.

What next?

You can stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

Again, to register for the Validator Program visit https://www.aventus.io/ecosystem/.

For more information on the Validator Registration Program and how to stake AVT, read this handy Validator Registration guide and read this handy ‘how-to’ guide.

Legal Disclosure: From time to time we will engage in transactions of our own tokens.

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