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Frequently Asked Questions

Aventus onboards enterprises to Web3, enabling them to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their business.

It works with each enterprise to scope out potential use cases, and customize a SaaS-style product from its extensive suite of modular, composable architecture, as well as maintains and manages the solution – so enterprises can focus on what they do best.

We define enterprise-grade with three categories:

  1. Investment into technological IP: Aventus owns blockchain tooling and infrastructure IP with a total investment of over $30M.
  2. Leadership credentials: Aventus’ technology team is led by Andrey Brozhko, former Corda Enterprise Director at R3 and Product at Oracle with over 20 years’ experience leading enterprise product software and engineering efforts.
  3. Process: Aventus implements best practices for software development and operation from ISO27002 and SOC1/2 standards and the platform is periodically audited by Digital Catapult, the British Government’s agency for digital technology.

We have a number of processes in place to ensure that Aventus is a secure environment. Since our launch in 2021, we have had no hacks, forks or breaks.

  • Independent audit for all smart contracts, and critical code modules
  • Professional development and quality assurance processes
  • Encryption at rest and in transit is mandatory for all applications for all data
  • Annual independent penetration testing for all internet-facing software, including node ‘gossip’ communication interface
  • Hashicorp-based secrets management solution for all keys used in live applications. Keys never leave the vault
  • Enterprise-grade logging and monitoring setup for managed nodes, applications and internal systems
  • Careful selection and strict vetting for all third-party components and libraries
  • Automatic backup and disaster recovery system for all mission-critical systems (including own validator nodes) to ensure availability and business continuity
  • Aggressive maintenance schedule for all software with frequent components updates
  • 2-factor authentication enforced for all systems and services

The Aventus Network is an instantiation of the Aventus blockspace offering, where any clients who aren’t ready to leverage a blockspace offering can trial the solution. It is particularly suited to loyalty / cashback providers.

It enables cashback providers to increase efficiencies from a business perspective and provide a better user experience for the end client.

Read our use cases in loyalty for more information of the Aventus Network in action.

AVT, the Aventus Network’s native token, is a utility token. It is used in the Aventus Network for achieving scalability, speed, and cost effectiveness by aligning the economic incentives of participants.

  1. Security: AVT is used to incentivise transaction processors (or validators), who stake AVT to operate a node. Validators are personally damaged by losing their AVT deposit if they engage in damaging behaviour to the Network.
  2. Governance: the Aventus Network operates based on community governance. AVT holders can determine the outcome of key decisions around the future of the network, where 1 AVT = 1 vote.
  3. Gas: transaction originators pay AVT as gas fees to the transaction processor. The exact cost per transaction is determined by a free market in which the originator specifies what they
    are willing to pay and the processor processes if they are happy with the fees.

  • You can find a full list of exchanges (both centralised and decentralised) that have listed AVT here.

Real-time news, including general updates, ecosystem announcements, technology innovations, and client and parter releases. are made on our ​blog​, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can chat with members of our marketing team directly in our ​Telegram group​ to find out more information or to ask questions. We will aim to respond to you as soon as possible.