2022 Recap 🥂

2022 Recap
2022 Recap

2022 was a huge year for us at Aventus. Following the challenges of COVID-19, we sharpened our vision and got to work on our new strategic direction.

With a newly fully decentralised team, another crypto winter and a macroeconomic downturn, we’ve faced a number of challenges throughout the year. But, as ever, we met them all with grit and determination.

Looking back over everything we’ve achieved the last 12 months, from huge tech accomplishments, to team milestones and exciting partnerships, makes us more excited than ever for what’s to come in the next 12.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our community, so we’d like to take this moment to thank you all, too.

Here’s to even more and better in 2023.

Parity NFT Marketplace, powered by the Aventus Network, announced its first launch. The Legends Collection artwork was created by renowned artist Borbay and features Olympic track & field icon Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic medalist and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame member Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, and Olympic and professional hockey great Jayna Hefford.

As of 3rd February, the Aventus Token $AVT was available on Coinbase listed in AVT-USD — followed by AVT-EUR and AVT-USDT pairs. 

The first community vote was on organisations that applied to run AvN validator nodes.

As of Friday 8th April, the Aventus Network native token $AVT was available on Gate.io listed in AVT-USDT.

Aventus Gateway API enables businesses and enterprises to build blockchain applications and run live transactions on the Aventus Network with ease. 

To commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, global leading art consultancy West Contemporary is partnered enterprise-grade whitelabel NFT platform VereNFT-powered Aficionodos to release 70 unique NFTs of The Platinum Queen – a piece created by Carne Griffiths, one of the foremost contemporary British painters of the generation.

AVT holders can now stake their AVT on the Aventus Network and withdraw their staked AVT more autonomously and easily. 

New lifting tool allows AVT holders to move AVT from Ethereum to the Aventus Network.

Aventus announced a partnership with a national airline to resolve the operational inefficiencies plaguing airline cargo management with blockchain technology via its new product, Aventus Aviation.

Aventus announced intentions to bid in August Polkadot Parachain slot auction to bring enhanced scalability, speed, interoperability and security to the Aventus ecosystem.

Created to support initiatives that aim to achieve decentralisation, interoperability and longevity in Web3, the Aventus Grant Program aims to provide funding to developers and enterprises to support them in realising our vision of a decentralised, open source blockchain, whilst also helping secure and grow the Aventus Network.

In a partnership with world’s first fantasy sports platform with live in-game trading founded by Paddy Power, Aventus will create a permissioned version of the Aventus Network for ASX Sports, allowing the sports trading exchange to securely track transactions and unlocking a new suite of offerings such as NFTs.

24 hours after opening DOT staking for our Parachain auction bid, we have reached our hardcap of 200k DOT.

Aventus announced a partership with Parity Technologies to expand the Polkadot ecosystem together, driving additional blockchain adoption across Aventus’ existing enterprise use cases – from NFTs to aviation. 

We won the auction for our Polkadot Parachain, and have secured a 96 week slot in the Polkadot ecosystem.

As part of efforts to further minimise already-low environmental impact, Aventus Network offsets carbon emissions for 2021/2022 as part of wider plan to minimise environmental impact.

Former CEO of Energy Web and Director at ING Bank, BT and Vodafone joins Aventus’ executive team as we scale up enterprise offering.

After months of hard work since winning our parachain slot in September, we’re excited to announce that we are now a fully functional parachain on Polkadot, fulfilling our long-running goal to join the Polkadot community.

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