Token Sale: White List and other Updates

Aventus Telegram AMA Transcript: 15 June
Aventus Telegram AMA Transcript: 15 June

We are excited for our token sale on September 6th at 12:00 UTC and are making the last few adjustments before the sale. There will be a whitelist, and an update to our token sale contracts by the end of the week.

The Smart Contracts are publicly visible on our Github account, and our code bounty is still running, so if you do notice any bugs in the new changes please get in touch.

White List

We have decided to create a white list for our loyal community members to make the token sale a more fair process for those of you who believe in our vision the most!

Successful acceptance to the whitelist will guarantee you the ability to contribute a specific amount of ETH in the AVT sale. Whitelist approved participants will be able to contribute their specified amount of ETH during the whitelist contribution period, a 24 hour period before the token sale starts — e.g., 5th September 12:00 UTC to 6th September 12:00 UTC.

Whitelist Application Process

The whitelist application process will run from today, 24 August to 28 August 17:00 UTC. The way it will work is as follows:

  • You must be a member of our Slack community to be eligible to join the whitelist. Each whitelist participant will only be able to contribute a maximum of 50 ETH.
  • To apply, you must fill in this form, which will ask for your email, Aventus Slack handle, ETH contribution address, and desired ETH contribution amount.
  • Note: you will only be able to whitelist a specific amount; if you attempt to send a transaction with less or more Ether during the 24 hour whitelist submission period, your transaction will be rejected.
  • You will find out whether your application was successful or not by email on the 30 August. Please note: we will not send any kind of contribution address by email. If you receive any emails mentioning a contribution address it is a SCAM.

Whitelist Submission Process

The whitelist submission process, as stated previously, will run for 24 hours before the token sale: from 5 September 12:00 UTC to 6 September 12:00 UTC. During this period, if you were a successful whitelist applicant, you will be able to send in the amount you specified in exchange for AVT. Please note the following:

  • There will be no gas amount or price limits for sending transactions; we do not want to spam the Ethereum network
  • If you do not send the amount of ETH you specified in your application (e.g. you send too little or too much), your transaction will be rejected
  • The contribution address will be available at our sales address when the whitelist submission period starts. It will also be posted in #announcement channel on slack and will be registered on Ethereum Naming Service. Please make sure you type in the link address yourself to avoid any kind of phishing attacks and validate the address from MULTIPLE sources.
  • We will not send any contribution addresses by email or on Slack (except for the #announcement channel); it will only ever be shown on the sales website.

Other Updates

We note that from our original crowd sale details published in June, we have now increased the AVT sale from 5 days to 7 days to make sure there is enough time for everyone to get involved. As announced the sale starts on September 6th and at 12:00 UTC and ends on September 13th at 12:00 UTC (e.g., 12pm). The whitelist submission process will start on September 5th at 12:00 UTC and run for 24 hours. Tokens will be non transferable until September 13th when the sale closes at which point they will also be listed on exchanges.

We are excited for the token sale given the overwhelming success of the pre sale, which is now closed (we will be posting information about this next week). Please join our mailing list to participate in the discussion about Aventus or follow us on Twitter for our latest updates.

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