The Start Of A New Direction For Aventus — And What That Means For AVT Holders

The Start Of A New Direction For Aventus — And What That Means For AVT Holders
The Start Of A New Direction For Aventus — And What That Means For AVT Holders

The Aventus Network is set for major public launch in February 2021, sparking the beginning of a new strategic direction for the network.

The Aventus Network (AvN) main net is a second-layer blockchain protocol that brings scalability, lower costs, and speed to Ethereum transactions. The company’s branding and vision reflects this exciting change in positioning and coincides with the new launch.

The first step of Aventus’ re-launch to the community is the opening of the Validator Registration Program at 9:00am UK on the 1st of February 2021.

What is the Aventus Validator Registration Program?

The Aventus Validator Registration Program is a way for AVT holders to earn fees from transaction processing on the Aventus Network.

The Aventus Network will launch with 10 nodes, each with an equal probability of selection to process transactions (i.e. 10% probability).

Each node will earn fees associated with the processed transactions at an average of about $0.01 per transaction in AVT. And each node will have a total stake of 250,000 AVT.

Transaction fee rewards are paid in proportion to the amount of AVT a Validator associates with a node.

E.g. If a holder owns 25,000 of a node’s 250,000 AVT, they will receive 10% of all transaction fee rewards from that node.

Thanks to Aventus’ existing partnerships with Cashback App, Artos Systems, FanDragon, and VOW currency, AVT holders interested in becoming Validators can start earning transaction fees from the processing of a minimum of 8.5m historical transactions.

What does this mean for AVT holders?

Validator registration means that AVT holders can earn their share of transaction fees on a minimum of 8.5m historical transactions.

Validators will be able to withdraw their proportional share of transaction fees associated with their nodes on a monthly basis.

Validators will be able to deposit any amount of AVT to any of the 10 nodes using the Ethereum smart contract provided. The smart contracts have undergone a security audit by an independent third-party.

The Validator Registration Program will run from February 1st until February 8th 2021.

What’s next for Aventus?

The Aventus main net platform launch is set for later in February, and we will be announcing more news over the coming weeks — so stay tuned!

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