The Aventus Parachain Migration Is Here

The Aventus Parachain Migration Is Here
The Aventus Parachain Migration Is Here

After securing our Parachain slot in September, the Aventus tech team has been working tirelessly to prepare the Aventus Network for our state migration to the Aventus Parachain. And this weekend is time for the final step. 

Today, we’ve performed a forkless upgrade to upgrade the Parachain to the latest version. In order to execute the next steps, we will be required to institute a FREEZE on certain operations:

  • Lift i.e. migrate your tokens from Ethereum to Aventus. (The lifting dApp will be frozen).
  • Lower i.e. migrate your tokens from Aventus to Ethereum.
  • The Sesame wallet i.e. Staking, queries and transactions will be frozen.
  • The Gateway API

This freeze will ensure the Aventus blockchain is ready to migrate state to the Aventus Parachain. Rest assured, these operations will resume after the freeze on the date below.

Freeze duration: 

Start Time: Saturday 17th of December,  Noon (UK time)

End Time: Monday 19th of December, 5pm (UK time)

Note to Stakers: The freeze means there will be no staker rewards earned within this time.

Furthermore, after operations have resumed, there will still be a freeze on some staker operations. Stakers will still earn staker rewards from transactions but staking balance will be locked for a period of time. This means no one will be able to add or remove from their staker balance, and thus no new stakers will be onboarded.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on both the chain freeze and the staking freeze.  

Very exciting times ahead and what a way to finish off the year – officially migrating! Thank you for your patience over this brief “freeze period”. 

Any general questions, please get in touch with us via Telegram: @Aventus_Official or via email: For any staking related questions, please email us at

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