The Aventus Advantage: What Will We Bring to Polkadot’s Parachain Ecosystem?

The Aventus Advantage: What Will We Bring To Polkadot’s Parachain Ecosystem?
The Aventus Advantage: What Will We Bring To Polkadot’s Parachain Ecosystem?

You may have heard that we’ll be bidding for a slot in Polkadot’s Parachain ecosystem at the end of this month. And it’s no surprise that the motivation behind this is the benefits that this will bring to the Aventus Network – namely increased speed, security, scalability and interoperability.

But we also firmly believe that the Aventus Network has a unique value proposition that the existing Parachain ecosystem will highly benefit from. 

The Enterprise-Grade Network

We want to bring blockchain to businesses – but, most of the time, the perceived complexity and time investment needed prevents them from capitalising on these benefits. 

Why Blockchain For Business?

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Simplicity & ease of use are key to the adoption of blockchains by businesses. We’ve put great care into creating key modular building blocks that make leveraging the benefits of the Aventus Network as simple as possible, including: 

Gateway API


Getting started on the Aventus Network (AvN) is as easy as hooking up an API – something all developers are familiar with. Key features of our Gateway API include:

  • Paying for transaction fees on behalf of your users to improve user experience
  • Load balancing and status updates to ensure your transactions are processed correctly
  • Requests via HTTPs, authenticated by our custom implementation using timestamps, Aventus Web Token (AWT) Enterprise SLAs
  • Managing NFTs
  • Staking


We recently launched our official wallet partnership, with key features including:

  • Accessible self custody for AVT community to hold their Aventus-based assets
  • Staking participation
  • Voting on governance solutions
Block Explorer

Block Explorer

All Aventus transactions are completely transparent for anyone to see on the Block Explorer. It allows any developer to query any on-chain data, a vital feature to check their own smart contracts.

We have onboarded over 20 million transactions with 2m active wallets for our business clients in the first year of operation.

We help our clients solve real-world problems – and those who have trusted us are already thriving:

As such, Aventus plugs the enterprise gap in the Polkadot ecosystem – but also complements current B2B Parachains.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our enterprise-grade technology is:

  • Sustainable 🍃

In its first year of operation, the Aventus Network’s power usage was about 0.001 kWh per transaction (or 1Wh), which we expect to further reduce to 0.3mWh in the coming year with future optimisations.

  • Efficient

The Aventus Network can scale to 2,000+ transactions per second per Parachain, and process a token transfer within 0.13 seconds at an average cost of $0.01 per transaction100x the speed and at 1% of the cost of Ethereum – with no volatility on price.

  • Interoperable

As well as moving towards becoming a Parachain, which will allow secure communication across all Parachains in the Dotsama universe, Aventus is also currently a layer 2 on Ethereum. The process of becoming a Parachain does not remove this interoperability.

We are also expanding to further major layer 1 blockchains, realising the true value of a fully connected Internet of Blockchains to achieve the maximum network effect.

World-Class Team

Aventus has developed a world-class team of leaders and advisors to drive the business forward.

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