Releasing the Aventus Protocol into the wild…

Releasing the Aventus Protocol into the wild
Releasing the Aventus Protocol into the wild

Aventus was founded with a clear mission in mind: to use the power of the blockchain to help enhance ticketing, enabling a secure and controlled supply-chain that eradicates counterfeiting and prioritises rights-holder needs.

We are excited to announce the availability of the first release of the Aventus Protocol source-code: a global, open-source protocol built upon the Ethereum network.

This initial release, which is currently going through a third-party audit, represents a foundation for everything that will come next; the building blocks to a new, more secure and easier way to control the supply and transaction of tickets. By developing an open standard that defines how tickets are managed and interacted with throughout the ticketing lifecycle, we can create a new paradigm and a new way to control bots, counterfeits and touting.

Lowering barriers to entry for developers in the ticketing industry

The Aventus Protocol provides a backbone of interoperability which will lower barriers to entry for developers in the ticketing industry. Developers can now access the protocol source-code, giving them the tools to begin building (or expanding existing) ticketing applications and services to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain.

To this end, the full code is now available on GitHub for anyone to use, and we’d encourage you to review and engage with it. Following audit, we will be setting up a bug bounty challenge to encourage further engagement with developers — stay tuned for details of how you can get involved!


Control over the supply chain

  • Create ‘rules-based’ tickets that the ticketing supply chain must adhere to even after tickets leave inventory
  • Choose which businesses in the supply-chain can interact with inventory
  • Define pricing levels on resale, and derive revenue, no matter who facilitates the sale

Control over ticket provenance

  • Sales data is private: an obscured audit trail of ownership transfers persists on the blockchain
  • Audit trail can be combined with internally-held user data to monitor how many times a ticket has changed hands, which owner redeemed it, and which marketplace(s) facilitated ticket resales and when
  • Completely prevent counterfeit tickets.

The Future?

Our vision for the Aventus ecosystem is a distributed, self-regulating community built around the ability to securely release, deliver and transfer ticket ownership. As a not-for-profit entity, we’re releasing the Protocol into the wild with the goal of spawning such an ecosystem.

The Aventus Ecosytem

Ticketing organisations interested in building apps and services that interact with the blockchain via the Aventus Protocol, but who lack in-house development expertise, are encouraged to work with Artos Systems, a commercial entity and early adopter of the Aventus Protocol. Artos partners with event organisers and inventory rights-holders to facilitate access to the protocol, acting as a bridge to the blockchain.

Over to You

An industry roundtable we chaired last week gave us the opportunity to sit down with professionals from across the ticketing world. During the last few months we have also attended the International Live Music Conference, in London, the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham, and this week we’re at Ticketing Business Forum in Manchester, talking with attendees about the challenges they’re facing. We’ve got some ideas of where things might go in the future, but this is just the beginning.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers: we want to work actively with developers and industry stakeholders to build something of real value to everybody. If you’re interested in what we’re building here, please feel free to join our channels on Telegram or Discord, or drop us a line via email. You can also follow us on all the usual social sites: TwitterMediumFacebookRedditLinkedIn.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the challenges which the Aventus Protocol is being developed to address, you might like to watch Aventus founders Annika and Alan’s recent interview with Business Reporter.

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