Loyalty operator which integrates 27 financial services organisations such as Visa who process POS transactions for up to 90% of the world’s merchants. Active across 11 countries with over 100k live earn and burn locations and over 12M linked customers.


CashbackAPP approached Aventus with two problems:

User experience: traditional banking technology does not allow for the speed and cheap settlement of micro transactions that Aventus’ blockchain solution could provide.

Debt obligation: CashbackAPP has a debt obligation to its users, and has to invoice businesses for this. Some businesses go out of business and default, and others have cash flow delays and other inefficiencies.


We advised on the token methodology and economic modelling and provided all blockspace and tooling needed for the innovative two-token model via the Aventus Network.

First, there is the Vow token, a freely floated cryptocurrency. Then there are the vcurrencies: tokens issued by individuals or companies that are valued at par with different fiat currencies as negative value.
1 vUSD = 1 USD, 1 vGPB = 1 GBP, etc.



The solution provides much more efficient loyalty schemes, restructuring how loyalty points are handled on the balance sheet of the issuing entity, and improving the user experience for customers via instant payout with no fees.

Using VOW, CashbackAPP has seen 80% reduction in balance sheet debt and 25% increase in net margins.

Blockchain for Loyalty

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