American events promoter and venue operator built around consolidating concert promoters into a national entity currently valued at around $20B, and is one of, if not the, largest promoter in the world.


Tickets for music events are often purchased by touters using bots within seconds of release, leaving events sold out and true fans unable to buy tickets. Touts then resell the tickets, often at an up to 50% markup – making events inaccessible to fans and events organisers and artists out of the loop from these additional profits.


Aventus developed a Web3-enabled ticket wallet and management dashboard which works with any existing primary or secondary sale partner to deliver Web3 tickets. It also generates additional revenue through Web3 content in the wallet such as merchandise, NFTs and food & beverages.



Digital entertainment wallet that enables event organisers to control secondary sales and aggregate fans into one location and engage, communicate with and reward fans before, during and after their event.

Blockchain for Event Ticketing

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