Worldwide home of electronic music for DJs, producers, and their fans, with offices in Berlin, Brighton, Denver, and Los Angeles and catalogs comprising more than 16 million tracks and existing relationships with over 91,000 record labels.


Beatport was looking to embrace the community and loyalty-related benefits of Web3 to usher in a new era for the electronic music space and put artists and creators back in control.


Aventus created and built an NFT marketplace and community for Beatport, where artists will be able to mint NFTs, and fans will be able to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Creators have the option to include unlockable redeemable digital and physical experiences in their NFTs, and users can pay in both fiat and crypto. The future roadmap includes additional features.


Results puts artists back in the driving seat. It marks a significant milestone in giving members of the music industry a direct line of connectivity with their fans, increased control and creativity in the content they produce, and a broader and more engaged fanbase.

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