A global non-profit that develops and deploys open-source Web3 technology to help companies navigate the energy transition, with clients including Shell, EDF, California ISO, Vodafone and more.


Business models supporting clean and distributed energy aren’t scaling quickly enough to achieve global decarbonisation targets. Today's digital landscape is highly fragmented and inefficient. This approach won’t work in an environment with evolving objectives, a growing number of stakeholders, and an increasingly diverse resource mix.


To make the global energy transition successful, the energy sector needs digital technology that enables a fundamentally different way of working, radically reducing the cost and complexity of coordinating a multiplicity of companies with different roles, objectives and IT systems.

Energy Web has leveraged Aventus’ parachain-as-a-service offering to solve these problems.



Aventus has enabled Energy Web to launch Energy Web X, a parachain compatible with Relay chains such as Polkadot, bringing enhanced scalability, speed, interoperability and security to the Energy Web ecosystem.

Blockchain for Energy

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