How to Participate in the Aventus Token Sale

How to Participate in the Aventus Token Sale
How to Participate in the Aventus Token Sale

Hi all! As we approach the final days before our token sale we have put together a guide for how to contribute, expected gas limits, and approximate block numbers.

The official contribution guide is here, but please read the information below first.

We advise that you use MyEtherWallet for your contributions, or any of the wallets listed in our contribution guide.

Token Sale Structure

  • From 5 September 2017, 12:00pm UTC to 6 September 2017, 12:00pm UTC the whitelist submission period occurs. During this time, only participants registered on the Aventus whitelist will be able to contribute Ether. All other transactions will be rejected.
  • From 6 September 2017 12:00pm UTC to 13 September 2017 12:00pm UTC, the public token sale occurs. During this time, any participants will be able to contribute to the sale. During the public sale, there will be at minimum 5,000 ETH worth of AVT available.

Important information:

  • All information, contribution instructions, T&Cs etc. will be at our sales website.
  • You are not buying a security, you are buying a utility token for the Aventus Protocol and associated network. As a purchaser of AVT, you are not making an investment of capital — you are purchasing AVT to obtain the bundle of rights associated with the token, including the use of the Aventus Protocol.
  • The approximate block number of the public token sale is block #4,244,327. However, we did our smart contracts with UNIX time stamps rather than block numbers. So, the best way is to look at 12pm UTC.
  • The gas amount limit we suggest to put in your transactions is 200,000. It will definitely cost less, but we suggest you put that limit to be sure your transaction gets in.
  • Please DO NOT SEND ANY ETHER TO ANY ETHEREUM ADDRESS SENT IN AN EMAIL. We will NOT email you any addresses asking for contributions.

Token Sale Address

Please note: if you send any Ether to the address below it means you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

The token sale address is:

Please note: Medium font is hard to distinguish. Please see the legend below, although still zero and lowercase O are hard to distinguish between. If you copy and paste the address into your URL input bar in your browser you will be able to distinguish them.

0 = zero
o = the lowercase letter O
O = uppercase letter O

The token sale address will also be presented in the following 4 ways. ALWAYS CROSS CHECK MULTIPLE SOURCES BEFORE SENDING ANY FUNDS.

  • In the #announcement channel in Slack;
  • This video recording of us reading our the address on our youtube account;

We are very excited for our token sale starting on September 6. If you have any questions about the information above, please give us a shout on Slack; our team is working around the clock to ensure a smooth sale with the maximum security, and is answering all questions as quickly as possible.

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