End of Month Update — July

End of Month Update — July
End of Month Update — July

It’s the middle of the year and we have some exciting adoption updates we’ve been waiting to share with you from the Aventus ecosystem. Including a new client announcement!

But first let’s have a brief look back at this month at some of our more general news in case you missed it.

General Update

Parity Developers Programme Announcement

We were thrilled to announce that Artos Systems, the official developers of the Aventus Protocol, had been accepted into Parity’s Substrate Builders Program for the visionary work that they are doing on the Aventus Protocol.

For those of you who do not know, the Substrate Builders Program aims to “identify, support, and mentor substrate-based projects that are building impactful chains, whether they are building a solo chain, parachain, bridged chain or parathread.” It also gives developers the opportunity to use Parity’s extensive resources and expertise.

If you’d like to find out more about this, please read the full announcement HERE

The Aventus Block Explorer

We were excited to officially announce the Aventus Block Explorer, which is a useful tool for viewing historical activity on the Aventus Network blockchain.

Accountability and immutability of data are some of the big selling points of public blockchains so the Aventus Block Explorer is the place for any interested party to explore transactions taking place on the Aventus Network.

To find out more visit stats.aventus.io or watch our walkthrough video below:


Adoption Updates

New Client: Asset Monetization Group (AMG)

AMG is a company based in the UAE that facilitates investments into precious metals. To date, they have facilitated investments in over $1bn of gold and copper across the globe.

They will be utilising the Aventus Protocol to streamline trade confirmations and increase their precious metal investor pool.

So far initial feedback demonstrates a 90% reduction in trade settlement time due to faster data and document exchange, and the investor pool size growing significantly due to greater visibility over asset lifecycles and due diligence processes leading to higher-integrity risk assessment.

We will keep you updated on how things progress.

Fandragon Technologies

FanDragon is spearheading the development of secure ticket delivery solutions for events and destinations by commercialising the Aventus digital assets-focused blockchain protocol.

Updates on Fandragon:

  • As all great companies, FanDragon has been quick to expand their mission during the global pandemic by moving into streaming and vouchering. This will result in a further increase in transactions for Aventus. Read the release HERE
  • They are currently distributing over 5,000 streaming tickets per week and expect to distribute around 200,000 by the end of the year.

Artos Systems

Artos is the official developer of the Aventus Protocol and has a significant team of 18 full-time developers working on Aventus.

Updates on Artos:

Artos has honed in on their sectors of focus, which were recalibrated due to the uncertainty in the global economy. These now include: agriculture, metals & mining, oil & gas, pharma, FMCH, finance (banks and lending), and loyalty. They have already signed new clients in two of these sectors, with more progressing through the pipeline.

Additional updates include:

  • 6MM+ transactions to close pre-December 2020
  • FY3 minimum targets include 25MM+ transactions.
  • New marketing efforts and lead-generation resulting in 10–25 new leads per month starting July
  • 2 new VPs of Enterprise Sales started in May


cashbackAPP is a cash rewards programme where users benefit from collecting cashback when they shop at retailers, both online and in-store. They’re a single rewards platform without discounts, without points, without complication, and they use the Aventus protocol to facilitate the issuance, distribution, and redemption of their cash rewards.

Updates on cashbackAPP:

  • cashbackAPP’s full network system will be deployed on the mainnet in early August at which point they will start rolling 1MM+ transactions per month. This comes after many months of successful testing was concluded.

Developer Updates:

Current overview of work and delivery:

  • Aventus Node software packaging
  • Network throughput optimisation
  • Game theory design for ‘good actor’ network participants
  • Beta-release of Rinkeby testnet
  • Security audit should be ready by the end of the quarter

Coming Up:

Artos Systems is currently working on closing an agriculture deal that will allow farmers in Asia to prove adherence to key sustainability and quality standards. This will boost their income by 5x through implementing a blockchain traceability solution via the Aventus Network, due to farmers being able to prove how they grow their crops (and the fertilisers / chemicals they use) and how the crops are stored and transported via aggregators and processors.

We are hoping to be able to share more with you on this shortly!

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