Deep Dive: Aventus Gateway API

Deep Dive: Aventus Gateway API
Deep Dive: Aventus Gateway API

Earlier this year, we launched the Aventus Gateway API – which allows businesses to build on the Aventus Network and capitalise on its benefits with ease. 

After a successful trial phase, the Gateway API is now used by a number of our clients in gaming, NFTs, aviation and beyond, and is available for use by any business or decentralised platform looking to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without the complexity, time and cost often associated with it. 

What is the Gateway API?

The Gateway API is the fastest, least expensive and most convenient way to interact with the Aventus Network. It provides a familiar web API entry point to the Network for integrating third-party applications and building new Aventus Network-native products, and businesses can reap the benefits within a matter of days or even hours.

Via the Gateway, users can create accounts, submit required volumes and transactions to the Network and query the blockchain state.

The Gateway operates to enterprise-grade SLAs, built on architecture which ensures its availability and robustness.

Key features include: 

  • Pay for transaction fees on behalf of your users to improve user experience
  • Load balancing and status updates to ensure your transactions are processed correctly
  • Requests via HTTPs, authenticated by our custom implementation using timestamps, Aventus Web Token (AWT) Enterprise SLAs
  • Manage NFTs
  • Stake the Aventus token, AVT

What are its capabilities? 

The Gateway API has a number of capabilities – but our tech team is continuously working on it to bring more functionality. 

Manage blockchain assets

Manage both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and query via the gateway for the state of transactions.

For fungible tokens, users can:

  • Generate fee payment signature
  • Transfer token
  • Confirm token lift
  • Lower tokens
  • Generate proxy signature

And for NFTs, users can:

  • Mint NFT
  • Configure royalties
  • Transfer NFT
  • List NFT For sale in FIAT
  • Cancel an ongoing NFT listing
  • Get NFT ID
  • Get NFT nonce
  • Get NFT owner
  • Get all owned NFTs

Build enterprise dapps

Aventus is a customisable enterprise-grade blockchain. It lets you build on Ethereum, Polkadot and beyond at scale, at 100x the speed and at 1% of the cost of Ethereum – with no volatility on price

Full customisation capabilities mean that businesses who build on the Aventus Gateway API can drastically improve user experience for their customers – such as paying for transaction fees on their behalf. 

Stake AVT

By staking the Aventus token, AVT, on the Aventus Network, users can earn a share of the fees awarded to validations for processing transactions. 

As well as staking AVT, businesses who build on the Aventus Gateway API can also:

  • Get staking status
  • Payout stakers
  • Unstake AVT
  • Withdraw unstaked AVT
  • Get staking statistics

How can businesses use it? 

Our mission at Aventus is to make building on blockchain accessible for businesses and decentralised platforms. Via easy-to-use, high quality modular architecture, businesses can future-proof their operations and grow and adapt at pace with the ever-changing blockchain sector.

The Gateway API is designed to allow businesses to benefit from the speed, scalability and cost-efficiency of the Aventus Network with ease. There is a full step-by-step overview of how to use the API, as well as its capabilities and how to use them, on our Github.

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