Decoded Debriefed

Decoded Debriefed
Decoded Debriefed

Now that the dust has settled from this year’s Polkadot Decoded, we at Aventus have compared notes and compiled a roundup of the most notable developments and updates (in our humble opinion…) 


Polkadot took community engagement to a new level with the PolkaOscars, where ambassadors and dedicated members of the Polkadot community were rewarded for their contributions to Polkadot’s success. 

Blockchain Goes Green

As a proudly sustainable blockchain ourselves, the talk by Sequester and Bitgreen, who are pioneering climate-positive action for the Polkadot ecosystem by enabling parachains to easily swap transaction fees for carbon credits, was exciting for everyone at Aventus.

A User-Friendly New World for Blockchain

One of our core missions at Aventus is to make blockchain more friendly for users and developers alike in order to ensure its proliferation. So we were particularly excited to hear about the launch of Polkadot Staking Dashboard beta, which allows users to easily nominate and stake their DOT, and Parascan, a new blockchain explorer for the ecosystem, which allows new teams to build their own explorer easily and view essential data in a user-friendly way.

Upgraded Governance Capabilities

Gavin Wood’s announcement that Polkadot has upgraded its decision-making process to be more inclusive and decentralised, while dramatically increasing the number of proposals that can be voted on with Governance version 2 is not only exciting, but impressive – decentralised governance of large and complex networks is far from easy. Again, the alignment of Polkadot’s values with our own is a pleasure to see.

Build Your Own Decentralised Twitter

The hackathons were, unsurprisingly, a highlight – in particular, this one which showed users how they can build their own decentralised version of Twitter.

Did you attend any of the talks? Let us know what you found most interesting in the comments below or via our Telegram channel!

What next?

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