AVT Staking Now Live Again!


We are happy to announce that AVT staking capabilities on the Aventus Network are once again live.

You can stake and unstake your AVT here.

  • Stake their AVT
  • Unstake
  • Withdraw their unlocked AVT
  • Check their Staking balance breakdown

The Staking Dapp is built on the Aventus Network Gateway API. It helps AVT holders:

First time stakers need to stake a minimum of 100 AVT. Returning stakers can stake any amount of AVT.

AVT Unstaking Process: 

  1. Unstake a specific amount of AVT from your staked balance.
  2. This moves into your unstaked balance and remains there for 7 days. But this balance is a subset of your staked balance, so it should not be added to your staked balance to arrive at a sum total.
  3. After 7 days, your unstaked balance will move to your unlocked balance, which is now ready for withdrawal.
  4. Withdraw your unlocked balance. This moves the AVT there into your free balance. Free balance is the amount of AVT you have to do any operation in the AvN.

Please note: Once step 1 in the unstaking process has gone through successfully, you cannot unstake again (another amount) until step 4 is complete.

If you have any questions, please email info@aventus.io.

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