$AVT is now listed on Gate.io 🎉

$AVT is now listed on Gate.io 🎉
$AVT is now listed on Gate.io 🎉

$AVT is now tradable on the Gate.io exchange

Exciting news for the Aventus community as of Friday April 8th, the Aventus Network native token $AVT is available on Gate.io listed in AVT-USDT. This follows the Aventus listing on crypto exchange giant Coinbase just two months ago.

The listing was confirmed after the community voted for $AVT to be listed, more than doubling the quorum of 10M votes that were required. Aventus received 21.9M votes by the end of the voting period, surpassing our goal by 119%.

Head over to the Gate website to sign up today!

Gate will be hosting a Livestream AMA on YouTube and the gate.io website for their community to ask any questions they may have about Aventus and this would also present a great opportunity for our community to ask Gate any questions they may have too. The Livestream AMA will take place at 13:00 UTC on Thursday April 14th.

Following on from this, Gate will then be hosting a Telegram AMA which provides another opportunity for both of our communities to ask any questions they may have. The Telegram AMA will take place at 13:00 UTC on Tuesday April 19th. 

Participate in these AMAs and help spread the word about the Aventus Network, $AVT and our amazing community!

What is Aventus?

Aventus ($AVT) is a layer-2 Ethereum token that powers Aventus, a scaling solution for Ethereum for faster and cheaper transactions. Transaction processors stake $AVT to secure the network and are rewarded with network fees. Aventus also plans to allow $AVT holders to vote for upgrades through the Governance protocol.

What the Gate.io listing means for Aventus

A key goal for the Aventus team in 2022 is to raise awareness of the $AVT token and its role in the Aventus ecosystem for both staking and governance by fulfilling the $AVT listing strategy.

Listing this pair on Gate.io is another step towards achieving this goal, but the importance of listing on gate.io doesn’t end there, as this helps us build on the momentum that we’ve generated over the last couple of months since the Coinbase listing.

“Making Aventus accessible to businesses and organisations that need Aventus to process transactions and to stakers who help to ensure the security of our network is essential to the success of the Aventus Network. As Aventus moves towards becoming a parachain, being listed on key exchanges like gate.io will ensure that we bring awareness to our native token, AVT, and the Aventus ecosystem; accelerating our journey to processing 1bn layer-2 transactions.” – Alan Vey, Aventus network CEO

What next?

You can stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

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