Aventus Network launches Gateway API

Aventus Network launches Gateway API
Aventus Network launches Gateway API

On Thursday 5th May, Aventus announced the launch of the Aventus Gateway API – a move that will enable businesses and enterprises to build blockchain applications and run live transactions on the Aventus Network (AvN) with ease. With the Gateway API, businesses that build their applications on the Aventus network will benefit from the speed, scalability and cost-efficiency of the AvN framework, which is also fully interoperable with other blockchain ecosystems.

Typically, building blockchain-based applications has been too complicated, time-consuming and expensive to be a viable business model for many. These barriers to entry, along with uncertainty around future-proofing and cross-chain compatibility, have slowed down the rate of adoption of blockchain technology, despite the huge potential upside.

The launch of the Aventus Network Gateway API removes these barriers, enabling businesses to build solutions that can grow and adapt at pace with the ever-changing blockchain sector.

The Aventus Gateway API has already completed a successful trial phase with our clients, including payment reward platform, Cashback App. 

Meanwhile, another of our clients, fruitlab, an online video game content streaming platform, has also moved its community rewards framework onto the Gateway API, and is already reaping the rewards.

According to Cameron Leslie, Managing Director at fruitlab: “When we were initially looking at using blockchain to power our community rewards program, we had concerns around choosing the right technology. Is it going to require huge amounts of maintenance work? Are we locked into one ecosystem forever? But the Aventus Gateway framework has opened the door for us, giving us a truly scalable, simple solution with the flexibility we need. It’s been very easy to integrate PIP – our universal gaming rewards token – into the AvN, and NFTs are now firmly on our roadmap. We’re also looking forward to the interoperability that Aventus’ integration with Polkadot will bring, enabling us to further scale the PIP ecosystem. As far as fruitlab is concerned, the sky’s the limit!”

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