Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (May 4 – May 17)

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (May 4 - May 17)
Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (May 4 - May 17)

In this edition of the Aventus Bi-Weekly Update you’ll find information about the launch of the Aventus Gateway API, a new Meet the Team video, and information about our next AMA.

You’ll also find:

  • You’re Invited: Livestream Tech Update
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your AvN Account and Withdrawing Your Staked AVT
  • CEO Alan Vey in The Fintech Times: What does the Queen’s Speech Mean for Fintech
  • Aventus Community: We Want to Hear From You!
  • Introducing the Latest Aventus Hires
  • Interview with Aventus CEO Alan Vey on BitCourier
  • VereNFT Webinar: Build Your Own Customised NFT Marketplace
  • We’re Still Hiring! Two Roles Available

Aventus Launches Gateway API 

On 5th May, we launched the Aventus Gateway API. The move will allow businesses that build their applications on the Aventus Network to benefit from its speed, scalability, interoperability and cost-efficiency.

It’s a significant move, removing many of the barriers to entry for building blockchain-based applications, including complexity, time and cost, and opening the door for businesses to build solutions that can keep up with the fast-paced blockchain space.

You can learn more about the Gateway API in our blog here.

Meet the Team with Junior Software Engineer – Micael Franco

Check out our latest ”Meet the Team” video with Aventus Junior Software Engineer, Micael Franco. 

Learn more about what Micael does at Aventus as well as in his free time, and how he plans to celebrate once Aventus reaches 1 billion transactions… 

Next AMA with CEO Alan Vey

We’ll be holding our latest AMA this Wednesday 18th May at 2pm BST on Telegram, where our CEO, Alan Vey, will be answering all your questions. Come along and join us to ask Alan any questions you have about Aventus!

You’re Invited: Livestream Tech Update

On 27th May at 12:30pm BST, Nahu Seyoum, Senior Software Engineer at Aventus, and our Developer Relations Engineer, Emmanuel Ngubo, will be holding a livestream tech update on our Telegram, where they will discuss:

  • Aventus’ substrate pallets
  • The decentralisation of six nodes
  • Updates to our Gateway API

As well as other updates on our work throughout the month. 

Reminder: AvN Account Creation and Staking Withdrawal Instructions 

For stakers who participated in the first staking program and whose preferred withdrawal method was via the AvN, we have provided you with the instructions below on how to create your Aventus account and withdraw your AVT to the Aventus Network, along with a short demo video to walk you through the process.


  1. Generate a new Polkadot account
  2. Sign its address with your Ethereum wallet
  3. Email Aventus the details
  4. View your balance on the AvN

1. Generate a Polkadot (AvN compatible) account

Install the polkadot browser extension and pin it to your search bar.

Click on the extension and carefully follow the instructions to create a new account.

Ensure you write down your 12-word mnemonic and store it away safely. This information is vital but it will not be shown again and cannot be retrieved later.

Copy the address of your new account (address will always begin with a ‘5’).

2. Sign the address with your Ethereum wallet using Etherscan

Visit Etherscan’s handy verified signatures page.

Click Sign Message.

Connect using the same Ethereum account that you originally staked with.

Paste the address of your new AvN account as the Message To Sign.

Click Sign Message and then click Sign in the Metamask pop-up.

A Publish Signed Message box will appear, leave this open to complete the next step.

3. Email Aventus

Email info@aventus.io with the data shown in Publish Signed Message:

  • Address (ie: your original Ethereum staking address that you just signed with)
  • Signed Message (ie: your new AvN address)
  • Signature Hash (ie: the proof your addresses are now linked)

You can now click Close on the Etherscan tool, there’s no need to Publish.

4. Viewing your balance on the AvN

Once verified, Aventus will email to confirm your stake and rewards have been transferred.

Then visit the Aventus Block Explorer and search your AvN address to view your balance.


  • The AvN is based on Substrate, the same underlying technology used by Polkadot, which is why AvN and Polkadot accounts are compatible.
  • Using Etherscan’s verifiedSignatures tool is free and won’t cost you any ETH.
  • If you can’t sign your new address using the Ethereum account you originally staked with then please contact us.
  • The Polkadot extension is safe and equivalent to Metamask for the Polkadot ecosystem. However, if you would prefer to generate your account entirely offline (and are familiar with NodeJS) then you could install the avn-api and run its utils.generateNewAccount() method in offline-mode.
  • You will soon be able to use your new account with the AvN wallet for staking, sending, spending, and lowering simply by entering your mnemonic seed, so please keep it safe.

IMPORTANT: Please keep your new account’s 12-word mnemonic seed private and secure at all times. Never share it with anyone (including Aventus), and ensure you have made a backup outside your computer. Without it you will not be able to access your AVT in the Aventus Wallet.

Below you’ll also find a short video to show you how to follow these instructions to create your AvN compatible account and receive your stake and rewards if needed.

If you have any issues with the account creation or withdrawal process, please email info@aventus.io.

CEO Alan Vey in The Fintech Times: What does the Queen’s Speech Mean for Fintech?

On 10 May, Prince Charles stood in for the Queen at the House of Lords to give a speech outlining her government’s legislative priorities – including cryptoassets.

Our CEO, Alan Vey, spoke to the Fintech Times about what this means for the wider crypto industry.

Aventus Community: We Want to Hear From You!

As Aventus continues to move towards becoming a fully decentralised network, we want to ensure that our community is involved every step of the way – from ideation through to having your voice heard in proposals.

With this in mind, we have created a space dedicated to asking our community questions that will help shape future governance proposals, which will then be put forward for the community to vote on at gov.aventus.io.

Go check it out – there’s already a question that we’d love your opinion on.

Introducing Our Latest Aventus Hires

As Aventus continues on its growth trajectory, we have made two additional new hires across our commercial and tech teams.

We are thrilled to welcome to the Aventus team: 

  • Ellie Hyman – Copywriter 
  • Andres Garcia – Software Engineer

Our queue for Meet the Team videos is growing longer by the week…

BitCourier Interview

Aventus CEO Alan Vey spoke with BitCourier to discuss all things Aventus – including our inception story, our plans for staking, and what the future holds for Aventus and its community. 

You can read the full interview here.

VereNFT Webinar: Build Your Own Customised NFT Marketplace

VereNFT Webinar

Ever wanted to explore selling NFTs of your own, but had no idea where to start? 

VereNFT, an Aventus Network-powered whitelabel NFT platform & service provider that guides brands and companies in the creation of their own NFT marketplace, is hosting a webinar at the end of the month to show you how you can create your own NFT marketplace – with no experience in Web3 or NFTs needed.

The webinar will walk you through the basics of NFTs, the market values underpinning the NFT boom, and the features and benefits of the VereNFT whitelabel marketplace.

The webinar takes place on 27th May, and registration is totally free. 

Register here to secure your spot. 

We’re Still Hiring! Two Roles Available

We are looking to fill the following roles within the company, across the tech and sales teams.

If you are interested in any of the roles, the requirements, and potential salaries, please click the job title of your preference above. Or if you know someone that might be interested, pass it on to them – we might even buy you a drink if you introduce our next hire to us!

What Next?

You can stay up to date with the latest Aventus news and press by following us on our social channels.

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