Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Jan 26— Feb 8)

What are ZK-SNARKS
What are ZK-SNARKS

In this edition of the Aventus bi-weekly update, you get news of an AVT Coinbase Listing

Inside you’ll also find:

  • A Coinbase listing AMA with Aventus CEO Alan Vey
  • Two influencer videos covering the Coinbase listing
  • A summary of recent NFT drops
  • A new music NFT partnership announcement coming soon
  • Valentine’s Day Contest
  • AVT Staking reaches 93%
  • A reminder of AVT’s delisting plans for Mercatox

Let’s get to it…

AVT is now listed on Coinbase

As of February 3rd 2022, the Aventus Token $AVT is available on Coinbase listed in AVT-USD — with AVT-EUR, and AVT-USDT pairs set to follow soon.

This means you can now buy and sell $AVT on the Coinbase website and app.

Notably, AVT-USD is the first $AVT-FIAT pair on any exchange.

Read more about the listing here.

A Coinbase listing AMA with Aventus CEO Alan Vey

Coming this Friday at 11:30am UTC, Aventus CEO Alan Vey will answer your questions in a live Telegram AMA.

The topic of the AMA is the recent Coinbase Listing.

Join the Aventus Telegram now ask your questions with the hashtag #AMA.

You can also tweet us @aventusnetwork with your question too. Just don’t forget the hashtag!


Two New Influencer videos covering the Coinbase listing

The Crypto Homie with more than 25,000 subscribers posted a video covering new Coinbase listings featuring AVT.

Watch the video above and leave a comment about AVT.

And Clay’s Coins also covered the listing in the video below.

A summary of recent NFT drops

VereNFT, in partnership with Parity, has been empowering women athletes to improve their funding through the sale of NFTs.

This began at the end of January with a legend series.

Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s auction ran from January 23 from 7:00PM — 11:00PM ET and her first NFT sold for $1500.

Professional Athlete Carley Hoover‘s first NFT sold for $905 at auction.

Her second NFT sold for $275.

American Freeskier Devan Logan’s NFT sold for $140.

And there are plenty more drops coming soon…

Keep a close eye on the Parity marketplace to join in the auctions.

A new music NFT partnership announcement coming soon

Coming in February, VereNFT is releasing an exciting announcement with yet another new partner.

VereNFT will collaborate with a Music NFT Marketplace to provide new revenue streams for breakthrough music talent.

To learn more, stay tuned to the VereNFT social media channels! Join their socials:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VereNFT
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/verenft/
Discord: https://discord.gg/u4cRke3NvQ
Telegram: https://t.me/verenft

Valentine’s Day Contest

The season of love is upon us!

And VereNFT is inviting you to participate in a ‘Share Your Valentine’ s Day Contest.

The contest will go live in the coming days, so follow VereNFT and Aventus on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss it.

Ethereum is up for grabs for 2 lucky winners!

AVT Staking reaches 93%

The Aventus staking program lets stakers earn their share of more than 58m agreed transactions.

Following the recent Coinbase listing news, the Staking program is now 93% full.

It will close at 100%.

If it doesn’t reach 100% shortly, the Aventus Protocol Foundation will complete the remaining balance of tokens as the program moves from Ethereum to AvN.

For more information, or to register, click here.

$AVT Delisting plans for Mercatox

We have many listings plans for $AVT this year and are in talks with some exciting exchanges.

Part of our plans mean de-listing from Mercatox to provide our community access to liquidity and exchanges that are highly reputed with lower trading fees.

If you have any $AVT on the exchange, we strongly recommend you remove it at your earliest convenience.

You may wish to earn on it by registering for Aventus Staking before the program closes.

What next?

You can stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

Again, to register for the Validator Program visit https://www.aventus.io/ecosystem/.

For more information on the Validator Registration Program and how to stake AVT, read this handy Validator Registration guide and read this handy ‘how-to’ guide.

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