Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Dec 22— Jan 11)

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Dec 22— Jan 11)
Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Dec 22— Jan 11)

In this New Year edition of the Aventus bi-weekly update, you discover what’s to come in 2022

Inside you’ll also find:

  • Bittrex x Aventus Marketing Plans
  • CEO Alan Vey is speaking at GBBC Virtual Summit
  • Meet the Team, Ep.6 with Aventus Product Owner Fernanda Ribeiro
  • Aventus hiring news
  • The winners of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
  • A warning of fake Aventus accounts appearing on Telegram

Let’s get started…

What’s To Come In 2022

Aventus has momentum, and with 58m agreed transactions from 2021, we want to grow that number exponentially in 2022 on our route to our first one billion transactions processed over the Aventus Network.

  • Interoperability with other blockchains beyond Ethereum — including Polkadot
  • More planned CEX exchange listings — including big community favourites
  • Staking Program moving from Ethereum to Aventus Network to reduce withdrawal costs for stakers
  • More marketing & influencer partnerships — including a trading competition with Bittrex Global
  • API Gateway going live for all users

Bittrex x Aventus Marketing Plans

On Thursday 9th December 2021, the Aventus Token $AVT listed on Bittrex Global with two trading pairs:

  1. ETH-AVT

This now means that eligible users in more than 180 countries in the world, except the United States and countries subject to various sanctions or legal prohibitions, can now buy and sell $AVT on Bittrex Global’s centralised exchange — one of the most secure trading platforms in the world.

Following on from the listing, we have months of marketing promotions lined up with the Bittrex Global marketing team.

These include:

  • A token airdrop
  • 2 x Email campaigns to the Bittrex Global email list
  • 1 x video AMA with the Bittrex Global community
  • 1 x Bittrex Global Podcast appearance

The Aventus marketing team is coordinated these marketing activities with the goal of increasing volume — facilitating future CEX listings.

To buy $AVT on Bittrex Global, sign up using our code: 0H1-L11–44R.

CEO Alan Vey is speaking at GBBC Virtual Summit

Aventus CEO Alan Vey is attending and speaking at the GBBC Blockchain Central Virtual Summit taking place on the 18th and 19th of January.

Originally designed to take place in Davos, the event is now online, and you can claim your tickets free of charge.

📍 Virtual
📅 18–19 January

Click the link here to get your ticket.

Meet the Team, Ep.6 with Aventus Product Manager Fernanda Ribeiro

Watch Meet the Team episode 6 with Aventus Product Owner, Fernanda Ribeiro.

Fernanda is an Aeronautical Engineer with experience in STOs too.

In the video, you’ll get to hear Fernanda’s thoughts on Aventus, her background and more.

Aventus Hiring News

We are currently hiring for three roles within the company, two in marketing and one in tech, having recently filled the Junior Software Engineer QA role.



If you are interested in the roles, the requirements for application, and potential salaries on offer, please click the job title of your preference above.

The 3 Winners Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Over the Christmas period, we had some festive fun on Twitter in search of the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater.

We ask the community to send in their snaps for a chance to win $50 ETH.

The team have chosen 3 winners…

Winner Number 1

@slagetomyamands, Thank you for joining our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.

We like how proud you are while you’re wearing an ugly sweater like this!

Winner number 2

The second winner of our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest was @MomoPeachyUwu.

We like your lovely smile and how ugly and messy the sweater looks like! Well done!

Winner Number 3

And the final winner of our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest was the aptly named @Wreckzilla19!

Well done all three of you!

A Warning Of Fake Aventus Accounts Appearing On Telegram

Please be aware that, with the recent progress the team has been making, we have been attracting the attention of scammers with fake accounts.

This is most prevalent on Telegram.

There are a few simple rules to keep yourself safe.

  1. Understand that this is the only official Aventus Telegram channel: https://t.me/aventus_official.
  2. No one from the Aventus team will ever DM you first.
  3. If you ever have any doubts, you can write in the main chat group to our wonderful Telegram admin, Idara, who will be happy to guide you.

Stake your $AVT today

The Aventus staking program lets stakers earn their share of more than 58m agreed transaction.

It is now 90% full and will close at 100%.

If it doesn’t reach 100% shortly, the Aventus Protocol Foundation will complete the remaining balance of tokens as the program moves form Ethereum to AvN.

For more information, or to register, click here.

What next?

You can stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

Again, to register for the Validator Program visit https://www.aventus.io/ecosystem/.

For more information on the Validator Registration Program and how to stake AVT, read this handy Validator Registration guide and read this handy ‘how-to’ guide.

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