Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Aug 18— Aug 31)

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Aug 18— Aug 31)
Aventus Bi-Weekly Update (Aug 18— Aug 31)

In this edition of the Aventus update, you get a new Use Case article for the benefits of the Aventus Network for Supply Chain Management, an announcement of the meme competition winners, and more.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The Benefits of Aventus Network for Supply Chain Management
  • Announcing the winner & best two runners up from the $100 meme competition
  • A Blockchain Tribune Article On NFTs with Aventus CEO Alan Vey
  • The fourth video from the new bi-weekly AMA series with CTPO Andrey Brozhko
  • News that the next AMA video goes live on Friday with Aventus CSO Andrew Shackleton
  • A technical update on AvN NFT functionality

Let’s get straight to it…

Right after Financial services, Supply chain management is the most discussed application of Blockchain technology.

Subjects such as trust between multiple parties, automated actions and payments, proving identity, a shared and open database, and a connected network, are key areas where Blockchain technology stands as the sole industry leader.

Forbes notes that the process of moving the global beef supply chain to a shared, distributed ledger could potentially save billions of dollars in the U.S. With blockchain technology, you don’t have to trust that the data is accurate.

Current supply chain management vs blockchain-enabled supply chain management. Image source: axfoundation

Companies with Supply Chain Management needs that are first to act will find themselves at a distinct advantage in the race to control oversight, costs, and logistical efficiencies at scale.

That’s why Current Walmart is to hire cryptocurrency and digital currency product lead, Dole Plans to Use Blockchain Food Tracing in All Divisions by 2025, and why IBM is working on blockchain solutions for food supply chain management.

Read the full Supply Chain Management use case article here.

Announcing the Winner & Best 2 Runners Up from the $100 Meme Competition

For the past month or so, we have been running a $100 meme competition in which we received around 70 incredibly creative entries.

It has been a hard task to whittle them down to just one winner, the team has judged every entity and chosen THREE WINNERS.

So, without further ado…

The first winner of the $50 prize is @ownashyi!

Check out the winning meme here at https://twitter.com/ownashyi/status/1430186692766359553/photo/1

Congratulations Ownashyi!

In second place, winning the $30 prize, is hell_bat @6tnys.

See Hell Bat’s glorious creation in action at https://twitter.com/6tnys/status/1430203276209709059

And finally, in third place, we have apitmasapit @miomerahapit, taking home the $20 prize.

See the video meme in action here at https://twitter.com/miomerahapit/status/1430026093197627392

All prizes are paid in $USDT.

To claim your prizes, reach out to Telegram admin Idara who will take your name and wallet address to organise the token transfer.

We will announce a new competition in the near future, where the winners will be chosen by the community, using the Aventus Governance Protocol and announced first by email.

Sign up for the Aventus newsletter at www.aventus.io.

Blockchain Tribune Article On NFTs by Aventus CEO Alan Vey

Blockchain Tribune has published an article by our CEO Alan Vey about the real use of NFTs.

Discover Alan’s insights on how NFTs could shake up how individuals, investors or even corporations interact with the global art market.

📕Read: https://blockchaintribune.com/beyond-cryptokitties-nfts-are-poised-to-permanently-transform-the-art-world-2/amp/

The Fourth Video from the New Bi-weekly AMA Series with CTPO Andrey Brozhko

In the last AMA, Aventus Chief Technical & Product Officer Andrey Brozhko answered community questions from a more technical perspective.

Andrey Brozhko has over 20 years of experience leading product and software engineering efforts, primarily in distributed systems and security applications, spanning large multinational companies and startups in Fintech, Blockchain and Cloud industries. Ex-R3 and Oracle, he is a graduate of Warwick University and holds an MBA and MSc software engineering degrees.

In the AMA he answered every community AMA question asked, and announced the three winners of the $25 prize for best questions asked on Twitter.

The three winners are as follows:

  1. @cryptogiant12

2. @amar_ant

3. @hugleo

To get your questions answered, and to be in with a chance to win $25 paid in $AVT, follow @aventusnetwork on Twitter and tag us in a tweet asking your question along with the #AMA.

Any questions that don’t include both the tag and the hashtag will not be included.

Next AMA Video Goes Live on Friday with Aventus CSO Andrew Shackleton

Many of you have already registered your questions for this Friday’s AMA with Chief Services Officer, Andrew Shackleton.

Andrew is a high-performance and innovative operational leader with over 15 years’ achievement in delivering multi-million pound global digital programmes with a clear focus on increasing profitability, client satisfaction, ROI and revenue growth.

He has delivered exceptional growth at start-ups, and spin-offs, and is a specialist in turning around areas of operational underperformance. He graduated with a MSc from the University of Cape Town.

His role as CSO means he’s responsible for developing the processes and tools, both internally and externally, for producing maximum value for all Aventus stakeholders.

Tune in on Friday at 5pm UTC (6pm UK, 7pm CEST) in the official Aventus Telegram group to watch.

A Technical Update on AvN NFT Functionality

In the last update we mentioned that the tech team had begun preparation for introducing NFT functionality to the AvN mainnet, upgrading the AvN to version v0.6.0 “Draco”, requiring a forkless upgrade.

The work centred around stress testing, key management, payment integration and testing.

Stress testing: with respect to high volume transactions and a wide array of attack scenarios.

Key management: The back-end automated creation of AvN keys for successful NFT bidders.

Payment integration and testing: FIAT functionality and new request from the current client, EOS.

Well, we have some news on that that we’re very excited to share soon, so watch this space…

What’s Next?

You can stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

Again, to register for the Validator Program visit https://www.aventus.io/ecosystem/.

For more information on the Validator Registration Program and how to stake AVT, read this handy Validator Registration guide and read this handy ‘how-to’ guide.

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