Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 15 June – 28 June

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 15 June – 28 June
Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 15 June – 28 June

In this edition of the Aventus Bi-Weekly Update you’ll find information on our new staking capabilities and more.

You’ll also find:

  • Aventus Founder & Chairman Alan Vey Attends NFT.NYC 
  • Aventus features in Verdict 
  • Introducing new Aventus hire
  • New blog: The Gift of the Bear Market
  • We’re still hiring!

Aventus Network Launches AVT Staking Capabilities: How-To Guide

We know several members of our community have been eagerly awaiting the ability to stake their AVT on the Aventus Network (AvN), as well as withdraw their staked AVT and rewards from staking more autonomously and easily.

Our tech team has been all hands on deck to make this happen, and we’re happy to announce that these capabilities are now ready for use. 

You can learn more about the new capabilities, and find a complete step-by-step guide on how to purchase AVT and stake some of that AVT on the AvN here.

Aventus Founder & Chairman Alan Vey Attends NFT.NYC 

We’re honoured that Aventus Founder and Chairman was invited to speak at NFT.NYC this year, the leading annual NFT event, where he gave his thoughts on strategies for global brands entering the NFT space. 

Alongside industry peers, Alan gave his insights on all the factors that brands need to consider when developing a successful NFT marketplace strategy – from branding and marketing to in-depth technical understanding and infrastructure. 

Aventus features in Verdict

Following the hit that the crypto industry has taken recently, Alan shared his thoughts with Verdict:

“This correction is absolutely necessary for the overall health of the industry as a whole,” he said. 

“Think of it like medicine: hard to swallow in the short term, but good for you in the long term. It will weed out the projects with poor fundamentals, who were relying on hype among the media and an inflated market to carry them [along.]”

You can read the full article here.

Aventus Telegram AMA Transcript: 15 June

On 15 June, we hosted our latest Telegram AMA, where Alan answered the community’s questions around upcoming partnerships, our ambition to become a parachain on Polkadot, and his opinion on the current crypto winter.

For those that missed it, you can find the transcript of the AMA here.

Introducing New Aventus Hire

As Aventus continues to grow and expand its market presence, we are thrilled to welcome Robyn Vey as our new Head of Marketing. 

Robyn has held various marketing roles in the Aventus ecosystem since 2017. Before Aventus, Robyn ran marketing at the Stephex Group, global leader in the equestrian industry. She holds a BSc in Architecture from The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. 

New Blog: The Gift of the Bear Market

Starting her career with a bang, Robyn contributed a piece to the Aventus blog, sharing her thoughts on why this current bear market is a good thing for the industry – read it here

We’re Still Hiring

We’re still looking to fill the following role within the company, across the tech and sales teams.

If you’re interested in the role, the requirements and potential salary, please click on the job title to learn more. 

What next?

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