Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 13 July – 26 July

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 13 July – 26 July
Aventus Bi-Weekly Update: 13 July – 26 July

In this edition of the Aventus Bi-Weekly Update you’ll find an important announcement around our previous staking program, information around our monthly #TECHtalk and more.

You’ll also find:

  • Read our updated technical whitepaper now 
  • Deep dive into the Aventus Gateway API
  • Aventus debrief of Polkadot Decoded
  • Introducing new Aventus hire
  • We’re still hiring!

Important Staking Announcement: Unclaimed AVT To Be Lowered Back To Owners’ Ethereum Wallets

With the ending of our old staking program, stakers were given the option to either lower their stake to Ethereum to claim their funds, or restake with our new staking program via the Sezame Wallet.

However, there is still some unclaimed AVT left over from the old staking program. As Aventus is legally unable to hold onto these funds in a custodian wallet, we have lowered this unclaimed AVT back to the owners’ Ethereum wallets, where they can then claim it. 

You can find more details and information in this post

Read our Updated Technical Whitepaper 

We have recently updated our technical whitepaper – take a deep dive into Aventus and learn about the exciting developments we’ve been working on here

Learn More About our Monthly #TECHtalk

We’re proud to announce the launch of Aventus TECHtalks – 30-minute livestream updates directly from our tech team to update our community on the latest updates, improvements and news around the Aventus Network. 

Learn more about what the TECHtalks will include in this post, and request to be reminded about our next TECHtalk, which will be held this Friday at 2:30pm BST, here

Deep Dive into the Aventus Gateway API

Earlier this year, we launched the Aventus Gateway API – which allows businesses to build on the Aventus Network and capitalise on its benefits with ease. 

After a successful trial phase, the Gateway API is now used by a number of our clients in gaming, NFTs, aviation and beyond, and is available for use by any business or decentralised platform looking to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without the complexity, time and cost often associated with it. 

You can learn more about the Gateway API, its uses and its benefits here

Aventus debrief of Polkadot Decoded

Now that the dust has settled from this year’s Polkadot Decoded, we at Aventus have compared notes and compiled a roundup of the most notable developments and updates.

Read our recent blog to find out more. 

Introducing New Aventus Hire

We are excited to welcome Kemal Gunduz as our new Senior Business Development Manager as we continue to focus on building our use cases and client base. Hailing from Cyprus, Kemal holds a Master’s degree in blockchain, with significant experience across both business development and tech. 

Calling All Rust Developers…

We’re still looking to fill the following role within the tech team: 

If you’re interested in the role, the requirements and potential salary, please click on the job title to learn more. 

What next?

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